Kevin Durant and Stephen A Smith Trade Words on Twitter?????

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Kevin Durant and Stephen A Smith Trade Words on Twitter

Kevin Durant and Stephen A Smith Trade Words on Twitter 2023: One NBA pundit and one of basketball’s most beloved personalities have engaged in an intense Twitter debate. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith and Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant have exchanged words over how their careers may be defined.

On Thursday, Smith declared his legacy would be stained if the Nets fail to win an NBA title with KD. Durant took exception and labeled Smith a “bro” and “woj.”

What’s the deal?

Kevin Durant has long had a dislike for Stephen A. Smith, often going on the defensive when it seems that Smith goes too far in his reporting or criticisms of the NBA. Their relationship has always been contentious but last week, things reached an explosive climax.

On Monday’s episode of First Take, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith dropped a bombshell: He suggested the Boston Celtics may want to trade Jaylen Brown for Kevin Durant.

The Celtics and Brooklyn Nets are currently tied for first place in the Eastern Conference, and speculation has swirled about a potential trade involving Durant. Unfortunately, negotiations were halted during the summer as neither team would budge on their asking price; however, since late January there have been whispers that Brown may be considering making a move.

If it were true, the Celtics would need to part with a lot of pieces and that’s simply not feasible at present. Furthermore, doing so wouldn’t be in their best interests given that they already sit atop of the Eastern Conference.

This week, however, there has been renewed talk of a possible trade for Durant due to Kyrie Irving’s forced exit from the Nets over the weekend. Now, Durant once again finds himself being linked with a potential deal.

Smith believes the Celtics could potentially take such a step, but that it wouldn’t be wise at this time. With Boston currently sitting atop of the East and with an excellent chance to win the title this season, any decisions they make should serve their best interests.

Furthermore, if the Celtics pursued a Durant trade now, they would have to part with their best players like Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier. It appears that trading their future stars for someone eight years older and still injury prone does not seem like the right move – which suggests that other options should be explored instead.

Does Smith have a point?

Smith is renowned for his blunt and often controversial opinions on sports. Whether it’s the latest news from the NBA or an intriguing story from the NFL, Smith’s words often spark conversations. His views often spark discussions that lead to constructive dialogue.

Smith wasn’t always such a household name when he started out as just another college basketball player at Winston-Salem State. As a point guard and scholarship student, he played one season at the University of Texas before signing with the Golden State Warriors for another season.

After years in the NBA, Durant decided to join Steph Curry and the Warriors for another chance at championship glory. This decision caused quite a stir among NBA fans, and Durant received much criticism for his decision.

However, Durant went on to win back-to-back finals MVPs with the Warriors and helped them capture two championships in four seasons. His time with the Warriors has also been a time of personal growth for him and his teammates as they gained more assurance on the court.

Durant has formed an intimate bond with Stephen A. He has been a guest on the show numerous times and even hosted an episode of First Take with Smith.

ESPN host Jim Nantz is renowned for his biting analysis and somber tone, but he can also be quite funny too. His social media accounts are full of incendiary remarks that often get his fans riled up.

Smith has a quirky habit of quoting famous quotes from movies or TV shows on Twitter, often with hilarious results. For instance, he once retweeted comedian Tim Allen’s hilarious message “I love you, I hate you and I’m sorry.”

Though this may appear like a humorous statement, it serves as an incredibly sobering reminder of what success in the NBA means. Additionally, Smith doesn’t always think like he should.

Smith has been banned from ESPN in the past for making controversial statements on his show. In 2013, Smith made remarks about Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Rice’s spousal abuse that were deemed “inappropriate” by the network; he later apologized for these remarks.

Does Durant’s rant on the Nets’ Big 3 experiment fit into Smith’s “new media” vs. “old media” war?

Kevin Durant and Stephen A Smith

As the dust settles on Brooklyn’s Big 3 experiment, which has been widely criticized for its failures in the NBA, it’s important to take a look back at how this all transpired. This was one of the most high-profile team building initiatives in NBA history and it came at an expensive cost for the Nets.

In 2019, the Brooklyn Nets took a massive gamble by signing Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to free agency, expecting them to assemble an elite team. This bold move had to pay off, as the Nets hadn’t won an NBA title since 2003.

Despite that, they managed to make the playoffs this year and took down Irving’s former team, the Boston Celtics, in the first round. Unfortunately, injuries have taken their toll on this group.

After a slow start, the Nets began playing better as the season progressed. In the second half, they had an impressive run to the playoffs and finished with 48-24 record.

Unfortunately, injuries took their toll on this group and it became evident they would not be able to maintain that level of success. They lost in a thrilling Eastern Conference Semifinal series to the Milwaukee Bucks, and have struggled in each of their last two games since.

The worst Big 3 experiment in NBA history has led to one of the most challenging rebuilds ever. It serves as a reminder that you shouldn’t build an entire roster on high expectations and hype alone.

The good news is that this situation is over. On Thursday, the Brooklyn Nets traded both Durant and Irving to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson, Jae Crowder, a 2028 first-round pick and 2029 pick swap.

But is there a purpose to Durant’s criticism of the Nets’ Big 3 experiment? Does it fit into Smith’s “new media vs. old media” debate, suggesting an increasing disconnect between athletes of today and their older counterparts? This is an intricate issue worth debating.

What’s the deal with Kyrie Irving?

Kyrie Irving has always been a controversial figure in the sports world. An outspoken supporter of free agency and fan favorite, his actions have also stirred up controversy. He’s made controversial remarks and been suspended multiple times for violating NBA regulations.

This week, however, Irving found himself at the center of a new controversy. After posting a video filled with antisemitic conspiracy theories and falsehoods, Irving said he was “no longer proud” of it. He later apologized and attempted to keep the conversation off the court; however, his apology proved mostly ineffective.

Though Irving’s actions do not reflect on him personally, they were still embarrassing for him and led to criticism from fellow basketball greats like Shaquille O’Neal, Reggie Miller and Kareem Abdul-Jabaar.

Irving’s predicament is further compounded by his contract with Nike, one of the world’s most successful and popular brands. His sneakers have become reportedly second-most sought-after sneakers in the league.

Irving and the Nets would both suffer financially if Irving were to lose his Nike contract. Already, the team has lost $2.2 million due to Irving’s unpaid suspension and could lose even more if Nike terminates it.

If the Lakers want a top-tier talent, they should be willing to take a risk on Irving. And given his reputation, expect him to demand at least an extended contract with them.

That being said, if the Lakers are indeed serious playoff contenders this season, there’s little reason why they should give up Irving. He remains an All-Star and has a history of playing at an elite level, but that doesn’t guarantee him miraculous results in just a few months.

That’s why it was intriguing to see Magic Johnson, a Laker great and known friend of Irving’s, send this tweet shortly after learning of his trade request. While this doesn’t guarantee they would actually pursue him if they made a move, it does indicate they may be considering it.

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