Nardo Wick Hoodie (2024)

nardo wick hoodie

Nardo Wick Hoodie

Nardo Wick Hoodie 2023: Nardo Wick, a Jacksonville, Florida rap artist, has quickly become one of the year’s biggest stars. His recent hit “Who Want Smoke” has amassed 10 million streams and garnered support from Lil Durk, Future, and G Herbo.

Fans of Nardo Wick will love this hoodie as a perfect way to display your admiration for the artist.

harry styles store

Harry Styles Merchandise Store

Are you a Harry Styles fan? Be sure to visit his merch store. It offers high-quality items with beautiful design.

In anticipation of his new album release, Styles has opened pop-up shops around the world – one in Dallas, Texas being one of them.


Harry Styles is an internationally-renowned pop star whose fans proudly wear his clothing and merchandise during every stop of his tour. From casual T-shirts and crewnecks to elaborate three-piece suits, fans have developed a deep connection to Styles’ style aesthetic.

For those interested in creating their own Harry Styles outfit, there are plenty of options. Gucci recently released a range of ’70s-inspired menswear designed by Styles and Alessandro Michele that offers plenty of inspiration.

This collection pays homage to the musician’s personal, red carpet and performance style. It includes sport coats with meaty lapels, neckerchiefs and glen-plaid topcoats with a ’70s vibe.

Since the release of his third album, Harry Styles has amassed over 480 million streams on Spotify and is set to release his first film this September. Additionally, he recently collaborated with Gucci’s design director Alessandro Michele to create 25 looks for their HA HA HA line (named after their initials).

These clothes can be purchased through the brand’s website, with all proceeds going to charity. Additionally, there’s a limited edition vinyl, an exclusive ‘Harry’s House’ zine and special city merchandise available exclusively at this shop.

Alissa Martin had long been a fan of Styles, so when she decided to launch End of June Vintage in 2020 it was with inspiration from both her own love for his 1970s-inspired style and an ever-growing TikTok community that had begun replicating it.

Once her project began, Martin quickly got involved, creating products and selling them online. Since then, her online store has expanded to offer apparel, jewelry and accessories that reflect Styles’ individual aesthetic.

Her latest designs are inspired by the singer’s upcoming tour and feature his song title, “Watermelon Sugar.” She says she will continue to expand her product range as she finds new inspiration for her artwork.

When she’s not working at her shop, Martin loves spending time with her dog Sam and husband Mike in Dallas, Texas.


Harry Styles has made it his mission to stay out of the spotlight in a world where celebrities are constantly being thrust into the limelight. Since becoming One Direction’s best-selling boy band member, he has enjoyed more success as a solo artist than any of his former bandmates.

Styles has made a name for himself as an artist with unparalleled pop-centric lyrics, telling others’ stories through music while also exploring themes such as self-acceptance and mental health. His music resonates with audiences everywhere.

His latest record, Harry’s House, is a vibrant pop album that radiates with hope and optimism. To promote it, the British singer-songwriter is hosting pop-up shops around the world – including one in Los Angeles!

The shop will feature exclusive merchandise and a limited-edition vinyl, as well as shop-exclusive zine, city merchandise and more. Fans can pick up items such as T-shirts, hoodies, towels and hats in an array of sizes.

When the temperature drops, you’ll want something warm and cozy to wear. A Harry Styles sweatshirt is an affordable way to do just that without breaking your budget!

This garment is crafted with a comfortable fabric, so you can wear it all day long with confidence. Plus, its easy care properties allow for extended freshness – just wash and wear!

Harry Styles sweatshirts come in an array of sizes and colors, so no matter your shape or size you can find a sweatshirt that flatters you perfectly.

If you’re a fan of Harry Styles, consider adding some of his best-selling items to your collection. Each piece has been designed in the style that captures the personality of the famous singer and will allow you to show your admiration for him.

At Harry Styles’ store you’ll find a wide range of products featuring his face and tattoos, as well as Harry Styles backpacks and other accessories to help keep your belongings secure while on-the-go.


Fans of Harry Styles will delight in the vast selection of merchandise available from his official merch store. From hoodies and t-shirts, there’s something for everyone in this line!

Our collection has recently expanded with the arrival of this love on tour crewneck sweatshirt in mint green and black. It features a soft but not bulky hoodie with hem details on both sleeves and bottom, available in men’s and women’s sizes – making it the perfect option for any size fan!

Before purchasing any item, be sure to check the sizing charts for that item. Doing this ensures you receive an accurate fit.

Always be mindful of shipping times. If you need your order quickly, consider ordering expedited delivery to avoid delays. Plus, if it arrives later than anticipated, you may be eligible for a refund or exchange.

You can also explore their website for a more in-depth view of their shipping options, which include next-day and international options.

The website also provides shipping estimates for each product. These are calculated based on the average transit time in each country and while these cannot be guaranteed, they provide a good starting point.

Another option is to take advantage of the store’s pop-up shops. These locations are in various cities around the world and they’re free to attend. Plus, these shops sell limited-edition items that you won’t find elsewhere.

Before purchasing anything from Harry Styles store, it is wise to read their return and exchange policy. Doing this will guarantee you are satisfied with your purchase and can return it if not contented.

Before opening any package, be sure to inspect any perishable items inside for example, chocolate or other foods that cannot be refrigerated.

Finally, be sure to check the website for any shipping delays caused by global issues like COVID-19. These delays aren’t specific to Harry Styles store but can be frustrating if you’re in a rush.

Before sending your merchandise, it’s wise to consult the post office in your area to guarantee it will reach the recipient on time. Doing this can help you decide whether it’s worth paying extra for expedited shipping.


Harry Styles, the lead singer of One Direction, is one of the world’s most beloved young celebrities. Currently promoting his third album, Harry’s House – featuring TikTok hit single “As It Was” – and planning to star in a feature film this year alongside Olivia Wilde.

Harry Styles has also opened a series of pop-up shops around the world to give his fans an opportunity to purchase their desired items in person. In New York City, fans lined up outside his Lower Manhattan store for hours on end to get a sneak preview of what was available.

This week, Styles has opened a pop-up shop in Los Angeles that will be open from Friday morning until Monday evening. This event is part of an international series of multi-day shopping events to mark the release of his new album.

The merch store has been designed to feel luxurious and high-end, with careful consideration put into every detail. From hangers to display racks, you can see that a lot of effort has gone into ensuring every piece in the store perfectly reflects Styles’ personal style and personality.

In addition to the merchandise, there are other products available such as clothes and homeware. A portion of profits will be donated to charities close to Harry’s heart.

Alissa Martin has long been a fan of Styles, so she was eager to join in the fun with End of June Vintage – an apparel store inspired by the boy band star. Although she had never attempted something like this before, Alissa was determined to find a way to express her affection for her favorite person through fashion.

Since opening their shop, customers have been ordering back bags, One Direction phone cases and Fine Line phone cases – among other products. The merch store boasts an array of designs at reasonable prices.

In November, Styles launched his own line of nail polishes and cosmetics called Pleasing. It quickly gained a devoted following among beauty connoisseurs; selling nail polishes as well as an easy-to-do nail art kit. Plus, there are pop-up stores located in Shoreditch and Margate; additionally, American Express cardholders can access these pop-ups by shopping online before they open for exclusive access to products for their loved ones.

Will rihanna make new music

Will Rihanna Make New Music?

Rihanna is one of the world’s most successful recording artists, yet it has been over ten years since she released a full-length album.

Her last album, Anti (2016), featured the chart-topper “Work” and frequent collaborations with Drake. Fans eagerly await new music from her and it’s reported she may be working on a new project.

She’s been rumored to be working on a new album

Rihanna has been rumored to be working on new music since her 2016 album Anti. After six years of silence, it appears she may finally be returning to making music again.

According to news and rumor website Hits Daily Double, she is working with an array of artists for her upcoming album. This includes Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar, Bryson Tiller, Calvin Harris and more.

In August of 2018, the singer shared a series of Instagram snapshots that appeared to depict her working in the studio. While it remains uncertain if this marks the start of her next studio album, fans eagerly await news of its release.

As if that weren’t enough to get fans excited, she recently announced her return to the stage at next year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show. Unfortunately, it appears this performance will only serve to honor her existing music rather than showcase any new material she may be working on.

Rihanna hasn’t released a new song in years, but she has always been an incredibly prolific artist. Over the past ten years, her five albums include Music of the Sun (2005), A Girl Like Me (2006), Girl Gone Bad (2007), Rated R (2009) and Loud (2010).

Her most recent album, ANTI, was released in 2016 and quickly rose to the top of the charts. Now a platinum-selling artist with sales of over 100 million albums worldwide, she continues to inspire countless artists with her words of wisdom and powerful voice.

Rihanna clearly needs to create more music and return to the recording studio. She’s been seen at multiple studios over the past few years, even hinting that she may be creating new material.

Marvel surprised fans when they announced Rihanna would be featured on their Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack. Not only did she sing “Lift Me Up,” the latest track from the album, but Marvel also released an announcement video hinting that Rihanna may release her own song from the collection.

She’s reportedly collaborating with Buju Banton

Rumors swirl that Rihanna and Reggae icon Buju Banton may be working on new music together. After being seen together in Barbados over the weekend, many fans wonder if they will be creating music together.

Buju is renowned for his dancehall hits, but he’s also known for his ability to craft songs that tackle topics like AIDS and racism. It is no surprise then that Rihanna has been reported as possibly working on a song with Buju.

Rihanna has long been reported to be working on an album featuring reggae songs – potentially her first with such a focus.

Rumors swirl that Rihanna has recently recorded the song ‘Phatty’ with a reggae influence. However, it remains uncertain if she will collaborate with Buju on this track or release an entire dancehall album.

Buju Banton is one of the iconic figures in Jamaican culture, having emerged from the dancehall reggae scene and become an icon for his country’s roots music heritage. His voice can range from smooth praise songs to gritty original rudeboy style songs with razor-sharp edges – there’s no denying Buju’s work will remain timeless for years to come.

It’s no wonder why he has such an avid fan base around the world. His lyrics are inspiring and his music has been used to help people in need around the globe.

He has toured the globe and even established his own foundation to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children. Additionally, he helped spread awareness about HIV and AIDS, giving him an unique perspective on creating music that will impact lives worldwide.

As such, it comes as no surprise that he has become one of the most beloved artists in Jamaican history. His career started at 17 years old and since then he has only continued to blossom as an artist both within his home country and beyond its borders.

She’s releasing a single

After six long years, Rihanna is finally making new music – and that’s fantastic news for all her fans!

Her last album, Anti, was released in 2016, so it’s been a while since Barbadian singer has been heard from her fans. However, her appearance at Super Bowl LVII halftime show has fuelled speculation that new music may be on its way soon.

This year’s halftime show is predicted to be her biggest yet, so fans are eagerly awaiting news of whether she’ll use the occasion to debut new music. Additionally, she’s been busy launching other businesses such as Fenty Beauty and Savage x Fenty lingerie lines.

Rihanna has been reported to be recording in her home studio for her next single, which will likely feature on the soundtrack to Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The film is set for release on November 4th and a video revealing Rihanna’s involvement was posted by Marvel earlier this month.

Social media was filled with a mysterious message accompanied by the captivating Wakanda Forever emblem that transformed into the letter “R”–a nod to Rihanna’s iconic “R” logo. The song, entitled ‘Lift Me Up,’ has already gone viral and gained widespread recognition.

Rihanna’s song is an exquisite choice; its powerful bass and delicate guitar melody perfectly suit her sensuous voice.

Rihanna has been known for her collaborations with various artists over the past few years, from Pharrell’s ‘Lemon’ song to Kendrick Lamar’s ‘LOYALTY’ and ‘Wild Thoughts.’

Rihanna is being considered as one of the top contenders for lead female spot on next year’s Black Panther soundtrack due to her diverse repertoire. She’s collaborated with numerous artists in her career and will likely collaborate with even more in the future.

Prior to 2022, the longest gap between her albums was four years; however, that may soon change. She has been teasing fans for years and her appearance at the Super Bowl only served to heighten anticipation for new music.

She’s touring

Rihanna is one of the biggest names in music and R&B today. She has toured extensively over the years, often selling out arenas with her shows.

She hasn’t toured in several years, but there have been rumors of new music being created. With ANTI having released an album only two years prior, fans eagerly await any content from this Bajan singer.

In the meantime, she has been building her empire through Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty cosmetics. Additionally, she owns a fashion house as well as a nonprofit organization.

Despite her many business endeavors, she still finds time to perform at events like the Super Bowl halftime show. It is likely that she will announce a tour soon.

Her Anti World Tour, which concluded in 2017, saw her perform 71 shows around the globe. This tour proved hugely popular and further cemented her place as a global star.

Next week, it’s likely she’ll announce her tour after performing at the Super Bowl. This would mark her first tour since 2016, when she last performed.

Three sources indicate Rihanna may be planning a major comeback with an extensive tour after her Super Bowl performance, though any details remain under wraps.

This would be her first tour since 2016, adding to an already packed concert season that includes SZA and Beyonce both recently announcing their own tours.

Rumors swirl that Rihanna may be embarking on her first tour since her 2016 Anti tour, if true. This news comes as other superstar artists such as Beyonce, Madonna and Taylor Swift have recently announced their own summer tours.

Though she hasn’t toured for six years, the Bajan singer has been seen visiting the recording studio recently. She worked on two songs for Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever and is also said to be working on her new album.

According to The Sun, Rihanna hopes her return to music will go smoothly and she’ll keep it short and sweet. Additionally, she plans on focusing on her Fenty Beauty and Savage XFenty brands. Rumors indicate that Rihanna may set up mini residencies in major cities rather than performing multiple times simultaneously.

Are rihanna and eminem friends

Are Rihanna and Eminem Friends?

Rumors swirl that Rihanna and Eminem may be dating, but is this really the case? After years of public feuds, it appears they’ve finally put their differences behind them.

They’ve worked on several songs together and clearly have a special connection. But are they still friends?

1. Rihanna Throws Herself On Eminem

Rihanna and Eminem have been close friends for some time, often working together on music projects. Their first collaboration was 2010’s Love the Way You Lie, followed by 2013’s The Monster.

Their collaborations have been among the biggest hits of their careers, garnering millions of views on YouTube.

They’ve even been known to hang out offstage. Recently, Eminem and Cara Delevigne joined him at a show in New York City, along with her rapper boyfriend French Montana.

Rihanna and Eminem often hug and kiss each other during their performances on stage, but Rihanna has recently been seen literally throwing herself onto Eminem during one of their performances.

She’s done this multiple times and seems to enjoy it! Eminem doesn’t appear to mind her touching him; however, he does appear slightly offended by it.

Though Eminem may find it awkward for Rihanna to throw herself onto him, she appears to be enjoying every minute of it! She appears contented to get close to her fellow superstar while sharing the stage with Eminem.

Rihanna seems to be having a good time, but it would be wise to take some steps in order to prevent this from becoming something more than an enjoyable phase. After all, this sort of behavior could potentially damage her reputation if allowed to escalate out of control.

One way to combat domestic violence is by raising awareness of the problem and making people aware of its reality. That’s why Eminem and Rihanna released the song “Say It,” featuring powerful messages for survivors.

Some believe the rapper and singer are doing this to assist women who have endured domestic abuse. However, others, including Diane Maxwell – a specialist in Florida who works with survivors of domestic abuse – believe this is simply an effort to boost their public image.

It is easy to understand why some might expect Eminem, who has had his own issues in the past, to express some of his views on this matter. Indeed, he has been vocal about these matters in the past and is an outspoken supporter of those suffering from domestic abuse.

2. Rihanna Drapes Herself On Eminem

Rihanna and Eminem have long been speculated to be more closely connected than they let on, with their body language often conveying this impression. During performances, they often drape themselves over one another or gaze into each other’s eyes – creating an air of comfort on stage that suggests they truly enjoy each other’s company. This cozy vibe could possibly indicate a deeper level of affection between them than what their words would suggest.

Eminem was a cultural force, an artist who made people sit up and take notice by rapping about topics others weren’t comfortable discussing. He could “murder a rhyme, one word at a time” or interrupt his vicious invective with string of chainsaw noises to make viewers pause and reconsider how they perceived him.

He had the courage to speak candidly about some of his personal traumas, which he is able to convey with emotion and crafty wordplay. On “Walk on Water,” for instance, he recounts his tale of bullying by other artists but it’s a vulnerable yet truthful account that feels genuine.

His latest album, Music to be Murdered By, debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 and cemented his place as one of music’s all-time greatest selling singles acts with 73.5 million units certified. His singles “Godzilla,” featuring Juice WRLD, and “Lighters,” featuring Bruno Mars both reached new heights on the charts.

Next week, Eminem’s sophomore album Curtain Call 2 will be released and it includes songs from 2009 to 2016. The set will include chart-topping hits like ‘Love the Way You Lie’ with Rihanna and ‘The Monster’.

“Curtain Call 2′ will also feature a brand-new song, which will be revealed in the coming weeks. This follow-up to Eminem’s 2005 compilation ‘Curtain Call: The Hits’ which remains one of his most influential albums.”

The new collection includes the singles ‘Not Afraid’, ‘Crack a Bottle’ and ‘The Monster’ featuring Rihanna. It will also contain tracks from his collaborations with 50 Cent and Dr Dre, as well as CeeLo Green’s contribution to Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The King and I’.

3. Rihanna Drapes Herself On Eminem At The ALS Bucket Challenge

If you’re a fan of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, then you know that celebrities and public figures have joined this viral challenge to raise awareness for ALS. Stars such as Kendrick Lamar, Ellen Degeneres, Selena Gomez, Oprah Winfrey and Behati Prinsloo have all taken part in raising funds and awareness.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become a worldwide sensation, inspiring both celebrities and everyday people to donate money for the ALS Association. Participants in the challenge must pour a bucket of ice cold water over their head before posting video footage on social media platforms.

On Tuesday night, Eminem and Rihanna completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as they exited Comerica Park in Detroit after two-and-a-half hours of performing. Hype man Denaun Porter reminded them that Dr. Dre had previously accepted their challenge via Twitter.

Rihanna took up the challenge and dunked MC in an ice bucket of cold water. A series of social media videos followed, featuring them enjoying one another’s company while being dunked in the bucket.

Although this may appear like a harmless act, it has the potential for creating significant backlash if not handled correctly. Indeed, reports have surfaced that some celebrities have been arrested for participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

There’s also the potential for an argument to break out between Eminem and Rihanna. After all, they have been friends since childhood and have collaborated on music numerous times. Additionally, both share an intense passion for performing live – which explains why they often appear together on stage together.

Rihanna often drapes herself over fellow singer Rihanna while on stage, either gazing intently or trying to be intimate with him. There’s always an air of intrigue when these two are together onstage and it’s certainly a pair to watch out for.

4. Rihanna Drapes Herself On Eminem At The ALS Bucket Challenge

Rihanna and Eminem are two of the biggest stars in music, yet they remain deeply connected. It’s no secret that they give each other lots of hugs on stage, but this photo truly showcases just how close these two are – it’s rare we get to see people who were once just friends looking so deeply involved with one another.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become a worldwide sensation, with celebrities from Kendrick Lamar to Ellen Degeneres taking it seriously in order to raise awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. So far, this viral video challenge has raised over $42 million dollars for an excellent cause.

On Saturday night, Eminem and Rihanna completed the Monster Tour by taking on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in front of 45,000 at Comerica Park in Detroit. Nominated by Dr. Dre, Eminem was reminded about it by hype man Denaun Porter as they exited stage together.

After accepting the challenge, Eminem sat in a chair as Rihanna poured a bucket of ice cold water over him. This was an easy choice for them both since they share an affinity for iced tea and are passionate about raising money for ALS research.

Though it may be hard to believe, Eminem and Rihanna are more than just friends. They appear to be an item, seemingly enjoying each other’s company immensely.

Rihanna and Eminem have an undeniably close bond, as they share many of the same values – creativity, passion for their work, and of course some serious musical chemistry which originally brought them together in the first place. It’s no wonder then that their connection has endured since then!

Therefore, it’s no surprise they both wanted to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge together on stage. This act serves to raise awareness about the disease and encourage donations towards its research – they clearly had a great time taking part!

Why rihanna smells so good

Why Rihanna Smells So Good

Rihanna is renowned for her seductive vocals and daring style. The Barbadian pop star also holds several world records in terms of success as an entrepreneur with her own make-up brand and lingerie line.

Her scent game is impeccable, as she’s been reported to wear several different fragrances. Many celebrities have expressed how delicious they think her signature perfume smells.

Fenty Eau de Parfum

When Fenty Beauty first released, it quickly became a hit. The multi-hyphenate beauty mogul drew inspiration from her own memories and places throughout life to craft the fragrance – which has been described as “an intensely intimate aroma that defies categorization: complex, vibrant, raw, sensorial-spicy and sweet all at once.”

Fenty Eau de Parfum is an unmistakably unique combination of fruity notes like tangerine and blueberry, coupled with floral elements like Bulgarian rose absolute and magnolia. Rihanna collaborated with LVMH Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud in Grasse, France to craft this fragrance which is now available worldwide through Fenty Beauty stores.

The eau de parfum comes in a brown bottle with the brand’s iconic suggestive imprint and clean lines that reflect the scent itself. Its masculine yet feminine design fits comfortably in your palm of your hand, its amber glass and gold touches providing just enough luxury without being overtly feminine.

It may not be suitable for everyone, but those who value inclusivity and want to leave an impression on others will find this fragrance suitable. According to the brand, each person receives a unique scent based on their body chemistry – making it suitable both for women and men alike.

Given that Rihanna’s fragrance is currently selling out, now is the time to act quickly and secure your bottle of her sought-after aroma. Act now to guarantee you don’t miss out on this opportunity!

This scent is unisex and, although there are some earthy and woody elements, it’s not overly strong. It has a soft, sweet and slightly musky undertone that will appeal to those who appreciate a touch of sweetness.

Fenty Beauty is renowned for its groundbreaking formulas that cater to various skin types. Additionally, the brand strives to foster inclusivity by offering an expansive selection of colors designed to flatter every complexion.

Rihanna has cemented her place in the beauty industry with the release of her first perfume. Her Fenty Beauty line has already made a major impact, and soon you’ll see her products on store shelves near you!

Kilian Love Don’t Be Shy

Kilian is a French brand dedicated to luxury and taking time. Established in 2007 by Kilian Hennessy, their selection of scents features both classics and modern favorites alike. Additionally, they provide refillable bottles which are meant to age as beautifully as the original bottles you purchase them in.

Rihanna’s signature fragrance, Love Don’t Be Shy is a sweet floral gourmand featuring orange blossom in the top notes and jasmine and honeysuckle in the middle. The base is composed of caramel, sugar, and vanilla for an unforgettable aroma that has become a classic in beauty industry circles.

When it comes to gourmand perfumes, it can be difficult to find something a bit bolder than your standard sweet treat. That’s what makes Kilian’s scent so remarkable; from the first moment you smell it, you’ll be instantly transported into an idyllic world of dreams.

On repeat listens, it becomes more mature and sophisticated. While the top and middle notes remain unchanged, the heart notes become much more intense.

Hennessy took their beloved fragrance and amplified it. This new iteration adds an overdose of Bulgarian rose, creating a much more crystallized experience.

Hennessy describes this fragrance as having “rose petals that have been crystallized, almost caramelized” in sugar. This bolder take on the original offers a nice change of pace from the rest of the perfume.

This perfume is now available in a thick glass bottle with an 1.7 oz decant. It makes the ideal present for anyone wanting a little extra love in their life, or just treat yourself!

Kilian’s Refill Store currently has the original Love Don’t Be Shy perfume available to purchase; however, there is only a limited time left before it runs out of stock. You can also buy a hand-decanted sample to try before you commit.

Fenty Body Mist

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty has quickly sold out of restocks since its release, but now the brand is making it permanent part of their line so you can have Rihanna’s signature scent available for all special occasions.

For a similar sweet scent to what Rihanna wears in her bathroom, try spraying yourself with floral-scented body mist. Not only are these ideal for hot summer days, but they can also help your skin feel hydrated and refreshed.

Fenty Body Mist is a light and refreshing scent with notes of musk, tangerine, blueberry, Bulgarian rose absolute, and patchouli. Its delicate aroma is both soft and calming – plus it’s cruelty-free!

Rihanna fans and those who appreciate her bold, rich scent should definitely try this essential spray. Use it to spritz yourself or your clothes for an all-day fragrance that lasts all day long.

This hydrating body mist is packed with antioxidants and skin-loving ingredients to keep your complexion hydrated and healthy, as well as protect it from external elements. Available in several scents, including a delicate lavender option ideal for summer.

This body mist differs in that it doesn’t contain a lot of essential oils, making it safe to use around delicate fabrics like silk and woollens without fear of damage. Plus, its hydrating formula will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth – plus, you can wear it all day long!

This fruity-floral scent begins with a minty, chocolate-like patchouli base that’s followed by juicy rose. Eventually, the fragrance becomes creamy with vanilla and musk for an end note.

Rihanna’s fragrance, though not my favorite, is a pleasant one that appeals to those seeking full-floral scents. This one has more depth and complexity than most celebrities release and takes us away from the cotton candy orchid caramel style that seems popular these days.

Fenty Body Lotion

Fenty Body Lotion is an indulgent whipped oil body cream that feels wonderful against your skin. Made with tropical oils and butters, this lotion melts into your skin for a lightweight sheen that provides long-lasting radiance.

This thick, rich body moisturizer contains seven oils (Kalahari Melon, Sorrel, Baobab, Sunflower, Rice Bran, Coconut and Jojoba), that help restore and revitalize your skin for all-over luminosity, hydration and nourishment. Plus it features shea butter and glycerin to lock in moisture while preventing drying, flaking or cracking.

This whipped oil body cream is lightweight and non-greasy, even when massaged into your skin. With a formula that’s neither too thick nor thin, applying it with hands is effortless – plus, it absorbs quickly without feeling greasy.

It has a warm, dreamy vanilla aroma that’s ideal for winter and summer. This version of the brand’s original body butter is enhanced with gold shimmer for an elegant holiday-inspired look.

Rihanna’s latest body product is a whipped oil lotion containing seven oils, shea butter and glycerin. Formulated to revitalize dry, thirsty skin while infusing it with vitamin C for reduced dullness, this lotion helps revitalize thirsty skin cells.

This vegan and cruelty-free whipped oil body lotion comes in recyclable and refillable packaging. It’s suitable for all skin types and tones with a non-sticky matte finish that leaves your skin looking smooth and glowing – ideal to add to your bedtime routine! Furthermore, its formula is free from harmful ingredients like phthalates and formaldehyde releasers, plus it bears the Clean at Sephora seal.

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